Balmar 6 series alternators

Balmars’ 6 Series alternators are designed for light duty commercial and recreational craft.

Delivering high output from a small unit, all four of the most common mounting configurations are supported within the Balmar 6 range making them suitable for replacing most OEM alternators on marinised petrol and diesel engines.

The 6 Series range encompasses outputs from 70-120 amps in both 12v and 24v configurations, as well as featuring Balmars’ patented Smart Ready® Technology internal voltage regulation.

For low battery loads and frequent engine usage, the 6 Series is often sufficient to support your electricity usage without the need for external regulation. For larger loads, less frequent engine use or large, deep-cycle battery banks, the 6 Series is designed to work with the Balmar MaxCharge voltage regulators MC-614 and MC-624  or ARS-5 voltage regulator, to provide additional options.

Balmars’ 6 Series at a glance:

  • The 6 Series is Balmars’ best-selling alternator range.* Incorporating patented Smart Ready® Technology.
  • Available in 70A, 100A and 120A options.
  • Max RPM of 12,000.
  • USGC Title 33, ISO, SAE and CE compliant.
  • Dual-fan cooling.
  • High airflow frame.
  • Designed for recreational craft and light commercial use.