Balmar 94 & 95 series alternators

Balmars’ 94 and 95 series alternators are large-frame alternators designed for mid-duty cycle applications.

With a proven track record as the alternators of choice when reliability really counts, Balmars 94 & 95 series can be found in vessels ranging from military patrol vessels to commercial trawlers and world-class ocean racers.

For boaters that require large-frame, mid duty alternators that can weather the conditions of some of the most inhospitable and tough marine condition on earth, the Balmar 94 & 95 series is the obvious choice.

Featuring extra-large gauge copper wound stators and high-amperage diode packs, the 94 Series ensures optimum charging capability across all conditions, for performance and reliability when it counts.

Meeting USCG Title 33 ignition protection standards, the 94 Series is highly responsive throughout the power band, and delivers excellent output even at low revs.

Balmar 94 & 95 series alternators at a glance:

  • Isolated ground termination.
  • Available for both 12v and 24v applications.
  • Large-frame, sturdy design.
  • Bi-directional coolant fans.
  • Designed for mid-duty cycle applications.
  • Extra heavy-duty diodes, brushes and windings.
  • Corrosion-resistant powder coated finishing.
  • USCG Title 33 Ignition Protection compliant.