Balmar XT & AT Series

Balmars’ XT & AT Series alternators are designed for light commercial and recreational marine applications.

The AT-Series’ unique hairpin stator design features densely-wound square copper wire, which allows the unit to generate an exceptional level of output whilst not taking up a huge amount of space.

The AT Series’ stators comprise of 96 slots compared to the usual 36 in traditional S-wound stators, which permits the AT Series alternators to develop a superior level of charge with premium efficiency when compared to other types of alternators with the older-style of stator design.

All of the AT-Series Alternators feature externally mounted avalanche diodes for ease of service, dual internal fans, as well as massive heat-sinking capabilities that are designed to ensure the appropriate level of cooling under high loads.

The AT Series is a compact powerhouse that is designed to fit seamlessly into the majority of original installation positions and is available in all four of the most common mounting styles.

Balmars’ AT Series alternators utilise Balmars’ patented Smart Ready® Technology, meaning that they can be used as individual standalone units or paired with Max Charge Voltage Regulators.

Balmars’ XT and AT Series at a glance:

  • Designed for recreational usage.
  • Incorporating Balmars’ patented ‘Smart Ready’ technology.
  • Dual-fan cooling.
  • High airflow frame.
  • Ideal for larger battery banks.
  • Up to 125A at idle speeds.
  • 25% more efficient than standard alternators.

Please note: Balmars’ XT and AT Series Alternators can only be used in dual-V or multi-groove serpentine belt configurations.

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