C series circuit breakers – bottom

C-series ‘Magnetic Hydraulic’ circuit breakers, combine switching and circuit protection into a single device.

C-Series circuit breakers are designed for those applications requiring both higher amperage and voltage handling capability, in a smaller package.

The C-Series circuit breakers employ a unique arc chute design, which results in obtaining higher interrupt capacities of upto 10,000 amps. Available in Three actuator styles, toggle and flat or raised rocker and available for both AC and DC applications.

  • Trip free – cannot be held closed after trip.
  • Large frame provides stud termination for 5-300 Amp loads.
  • Provides over-current protection for inverters, now thrusters, and windlasses.
  • AC Double pole can be used as Main circuit breakers to switch hot and neutral or two hots in 120/240 Volt AC Branch applications.
  • AC Triple pole can be used as 120/240 Volt Main circuit breaker to switch both lines (hots) and neutral.
  • Double and triple pole circuit breakers will trip all poles if any one pole trips.
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