Distributing power around your boat involves more than just wire and terminals, not all of which are equal…

Although not as cheap as ‘bell’ wire, the standard for wire that you need to choose if wishing to do the job right is UL1426. If you’re considering fitting out your boat, you need to know the (many) reasons to choose the right wire.

We only sell wire by Pacer. Proper, marine grade, UL1426 and designed for purpose. Wires need terminals, we only supply Two types of ‘crimp’ terminal, heatshrink and adhesive lined heatshrink.

As you’d expect, these terminals are ‘proper’ as in, they’re made of copper (not tin) and then tinned for added corrosion resistance. Use plain heatshrink for dry applications, for example switch panels and interior use, use adhesive lined heatshrink for wet or damp locations, such as cockpit lockers etc.

As well as wire and terminals, you’ll also need busbars and terminal blocks, perhaps even feedthroughs or powerposts. Blue Sea Systems provide everything you’ll need in this department. From simple 20 Amp terminal blocks to 1000 Amp multi wire consolidation point powerbars, you’ll find theirs nothing else you need.