Power and charge

Probably the most important category, or at least it is if you own a boat.
Installing a set of batteries and leaving them to your standard alternator isn’t enough, even if you do “just replace them every year….”. Why not consider a simple charging solution, such as an ACR from Blue Sea Systems, to take care of charging and protecting them? Simple, effective and easy to install, they’re a great choice for simple needs.
If you’re considering some off-shore sailing, or you’re planning an extended cruise, you might want to consider the Balmar range of alternators and regulators. If you really want to upgrade your charging output, a serpentine conversion kit allows you to install a much larger alternator than you might have considered, on a range of popular engines.
Finally, when alongside, a reliable, ‘designed for purpose’ battery charger will keep your batteries fully topped up, maintained and ready to go. Oh and don’t forget your phone, we have chargers for those as well.