Proper electrical protection is essential, but ‘domestic’ fuses and breakers are completely unacceptable for use in a marine environment.

Thankfully, Blue Sea Systems recognise this problem and offer a comprehensive range of circuit protection devices, from simple fuses, to ground fault circuit interrupters.

But a fuse is no good without a holder, Blue Sea have thought of that as well and offer a complete range from simple dash mounted ‘screw cap’ type fuse holders, to 12 position circuit breaker blocks.

To fill the demand for ignition protected (IP) circuits, Blue Sea Systems offer the IP Safety and SafetyHub Fuse Blocks. Both are specifically designed for use in environments with explosive fumes, such as an engine room or your fuel or gas storage locker. SafetyHubs are also ideal for use on smaller boats which need only limited circuits. Compact, neat and completely ignition and waterproof.

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