Our Brands

At RJS Marine, we only sell the good stuff, products from universally well-respected and popular brands, as used by the best in the business and of course, that we use on our own boats as well.

Ultimately, if a product isn’t going to serve you well or is apt to cause you problems, it will also by default cause us problems too. To try to avoid this happening, all of our products are carefully considered, tried and tested by us before we will consider offering them for sale.

RJS Marine sells only brands that perform well and meet or exceed expectations, time after time after time. Simples!


Rolls batteries are the best in the business, which is what you would expect from a firm that has been in the business for over eighty years. Produced by the Surette Battery Company Ltd., Rolls batteries are the last independent battery manufacturer in Canada, and North America’s leading producer of lead-acid batteries.

Specialising in deep cycle batteries for marine applications, Rolls’ Gel VRLA and sealed AGM batteries are internationally renowned for their quality and durability, all backed up by their industry-leading manufacturer warranty.


Victron is of course the first name that comes to mind when it comes to inverters, and whether you live aboard, sail for fun or run a commercial boat, the chances are that Victron is your go-to brand of choice.

RJS Marine stocks a comprehensive range of Victron products, and if you can’t see what you are looking for from our in-stock range, just get in touch and we will find it!

Blue Sea Systems

Blue Sea Systems are the USA’s premier designer and manufacturer of both AC and DC electrical products and components, all engineered to meet the rigorous demands of the marine environment.

We are official UK stockists for Blue Sea Systems products, all held in stock right here in the UK in order to ensure speedy shipping. Once more, if you can’t see it for sale, just ask and we can get it.

Odyssey Battery

Odyssey Battery manufactures top quality dual-purpose marine batteries, which provide plenty of starting grunt as well as noteworthy deep cycling capabilities-up to 400 cycles at 80% depth of discharge, no less!

Offering twice the overall starting power and three times the working life of conventional marine batteries, Odyssey batteries are the perfect choice for starting, trolling, and powering your on-board electrical systems. Whether you live aboard and run enough electrical products to light up the whole marina, or don’t get to your boat very often and simply need reliable starting power every time without drama, Odyssey should be your first choice.


Ancor has been in the business of solving marine wiring challenges for boaters for over twenty years and specialise in producing marine grade, UL1426 wire and cable. To accompany their wire, Ancor also produce a range of associated connectors and crimp terminals. All designed for offshore applications that have become increasingly sophisticated and demanding with the passage of time.

Ancor is the brand of choice for wiring components and equipment that needs to be able to withstand the challenging environments of some of the most inhospitable places on earth.


Balmar has served the recreational and light commercial marine industry for decades, supplying a comprehensive range of industry leading alternators, smart regulators and DC charging systems, all designed to help you to charge, monitor and cycle your batteries at peak efficiency.

Recognised across the marine trade as technology innovators with excellent product reliability and superior technical support, Balmar is the go-to brand for alternators for marine applications, and much more.


Super-B are battery technology experts that have developed a reputation for both quality and innovation in the marine field. Headquartered in the Netherlands, Super-B produce advanced lithium batteries for marine, automotive and industrial applications, and are one of the most well respected big hitters in the boat battery world!


Today, more and more boaters are beginning to see the value of solar power as a viable and of course, highly cost effective method of meeting their power needs. Solbian are the marine industry’s manufacturer of choice for flexible, lightweight photovoltaic solar panels, which not only out-perform the competition in trials but that have also been proven in the field.

Perfectly designed for sailing yachts, Solbian’s solar panels are energy efficient, flexible and hard wearing, and have a low profile once fitted that can even be walked across safely!

If you think their's a brand that's missing and you think we should be supplying, please feel free to get in touch. We're always interested to hear of new and innovative products