It shouldn’t need to be said…

It shouldn’t need to be said…

There are some great offers to be had online, just be careful when comparing prices though, and don’t forget to add on the costs omitted by some sellers.

You take the headline price, convert to £GBP, factor in the exchange conversion fee, and place your order. You’ll need to pay shipping, probably best to add insurance, then when it’s delivered, you’ll have to pay import duty, brokers fee and finally VAT on the total.

Once you’ve completed your order and everythings been delivered, crack on with the installation, but please don’t contact us asking for help, any problems, take it up with the seller.

Alternatively, just buy it from us. You’ll know when it’s being delivered, you’ll know the exact price without any surprises. You’ll get knowledgeable UK support and advice, and should the worst happen and you need a repair, that can be carried out by our UK based, English speaking technician.

As Mark Twain once said “you pays your money and you takes your choice!”, or, if Latins your thing, then “caveat emptor”. Regardless of literature or language, the message is the same, don’t come to me with your problems unless you’re one of my customers, my time has value the same as yours.

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