Balmar 97 Series

Balmars' 97 Series Alternators are designed for heavy-duty applications and are sturdy, large-frame units that are built to perform and last under even the most inhospitable of conditions.

Built specifically to meet the challenges of serving large, multi-battery power banks and inverters that demand high output, the 97 Series offers performance comparable to a small industrial genset.

Featuring extra-large casing, the 97 Series alternators are brushless, in order to ensure that they will meet the needs of even the most challenging of applications, with superior cooling and heat protection as standard all across the range.

Balmars' 97 Series alternators require a minimum ½” dual-V pulley, and can be outfitted with serpentine pulleys too. The 97 Series is designed for use with Balmars' MaxCharge multi-stage regulators.

Balmars' 97 Series at a glance:

* Designed for heavy-duty cycle applications.
*12v and 24v models
* Large frame units.
* Maximum RPM of 7,000
* Unique brushless design for superior efficiency.
* Bi-directional cooling fan.
* Isolated ground termination.
* Requires external regulation-recommended for use with Balmar’s multi-stage regulators.
* SAE 8849, USCG Title 33, CE, and ISO J1171 compliant.

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