Balmar 98 Series

Balmars' 98 Series alternators are extra-large framed units designed for heavy loads, frequent use and maximum yield duty cycles.

Available in both 12v and 24v and offering a load capacity of almost 5kw DC output, Balmars’ 98 Series alternators are used as standard on the United States Coast Guards 43’ lifeboats, as well as a wide range of other applications where high performance, superior endurance and bankable reliability are essential.

Available for both 12v and 24v applications, the 98 Series is comparable in capacity to many smaller gensets, is highly efficient at both high and low revs, and won’t let you down when the going gets tough!

The Balmar 98 Series requires 4” dual-foot saddle mounting, and a minimum ½” dual-V pulley. Alternatively, 98 Series alternators can be outfitted with serpentine pulleys. 98 Series alternators are designed for use with Balmars' MaxCharge multi-stage regulators.

Balmar 98 Series Alternators at a glance:

* Designed for maximum duty cycle applications.
*12v and 24v models
* Max RPM 7,000.
* Extra-large frame units.
* Isolated ground termination.
* Brushless design for superior efficiency.
* Requires external voltage regulation, and designed to be used with a Balmar multi-stage regulator.
* Oversized bearings, high amperage diodes and dual cooling fans.
* CE, ISO J1171, SAE 8846 and USCG Title 33 compliant.

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