Balmar 621 alternator kits

Balmar 621 alternator kits

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  • 1″ ‘Motorola’ or 2″ ‘Delco’ style mount
  • Available in both 12 & 24V models
  • Outputs of 70, 100 & 120Amp
  • Includes Balmar MC614, MC-624 or ARS-5 ‘Smart’ regulator
  • Includes MC-TS-A and MC-TS-B temperature sensors
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The Balmar 621-VUP and 621-VUP-MC alternator kits include the alternator, an ARS-5, MC-614 or MC-624 ‘Smart’ regulator and both MC-TS-A & MC-TS-B alternator and battery temperature sensors.

The Balmar 621 alternators have a single foot mounting with either a 1″ ‘Motorola’ or 2″ ‘Delco’ front lug (the 2″ is created by inserting the included spacer), and are commonly found on smaller Volvo Penta engines.

All Balmar 621 series alternators can be supplied with either a Dual VV, K6, or J10 serpentine pulley. The 70 and 100A models can also be supplied with a Single V.

Country of Manufacture: USA



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