Balmar ARS-5
12V regulators

Balmar ARS-5
12V regulators

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  • Designed for use with Balmar 6-series alternators, but can be used with most P+ alternators.
  • Suitable for 12V, 70A-120A applications.
  • Manually activate “small engine” mode.
  • Universal factory programme setting.
  • Suitable for use with deep cycle flooded, gel, AGM and Optima (spiral wound) batteries.
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Balmar’s ARS-5 is a multi-stage regulator designed to deliver precise voltage control for high output 12v alternators such as those from Balmar’s own range, and other positive field alternators that require external regulation.

Featuring user-selected programmes for a wide range of battery choices such as gel, deep cycle lead acid, AGM and spiral wound Optima, the ARS-5 also benefits from a universal default feature that makes it safe for use with most types of batteries.

As well as a range of simple user-selectable pre-set options, the ARS-5 also offers a range of advanced programming modes, which enable the user to tailor the regular to suit a wide range of different types of batteries and usage environments.

A useful feature for vessels with smaller engines is the ARS-5’s “small engine” feature, which allows you to halve the regulator output field manually when the vessel is being used for both propulsion and charging.

The ARS-5 regulator can also be used with our battery and alternator temperature sensors, MC-TS-A & MC-TS-B, providing the unit with the ability to monitor and intuitively respond to changing temperature conditions in real time. This means that the regulator can “step in” to reduce or end the charging voltage if necessary, in order to provide an additional layer of safety in the event of catastrophic overheating of either the batteries or the alternator itself.

The ARS-5 regulator kit comes complete with its own magnetic programming tool, installation and operation manual, and in the case of the ARS-5-H, a 54” wiring loom

Country of Manufacture: USA



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