Centerfielder II – Twin engine charge controller

Centerfielder II – Twin engine charge controller

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  • Balances charging in twin engine applications.
  • For use with MC-614 and MC-624 regulators only..
  • Works in both 12V and 24V applications.
  • Eliminates alternator chatter by unifying field currents.
  • Isolates alternators and regulators when only one engine is running.
  • Can be used with the Digital Duo Charge (DDC) to charge a second battery.
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The Balmar Dual Engine Centerfielder is a charge-parallel controller that is suitable for use on both 12v and 24v installations. The Centerfielder provides a central point of control for the charging output of twin engine applications utilising two alternators and two regulators, which are combined to charge one single battery bank.

Offering superior, intuitive control, the Dual Engine Centerfielder senses when just one engine is in operation, and when the second engine powers up, the unit identifies the dominant field current and directs it to both alternators at once. This evens up the distribution of field current, ensuring that both alternators provide outputs comparative to their available capacity. The ultimate output will vary based on the engine’s RPM, alternator size, and the distance between the alternators and the regulator.

In order to achieve optimum performance, using two identical alternators is strongly advised.

As well as providing the ability to equalise the regulation of both alternators, the Centerfielder also ensures that both alternators will continue to supply charge if either the port or starboard regulator should fail.

Please note – The Balmar Dual Engine Centerfielder is designed for use exclusively with Balmar’s MC-614 or MC-624 regulators.

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