Balmar DDC-12/24 Digital Duo Charge

Balmar DDC-12/24 Digital Duo Charge

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The Balmar DDC 12/24 Digital Charge Duo at a glance:

Suitable for use on both 12v and 24v systems.

Can be used with standard flooded, deep cycle flooded, gel, AGM and Optima battery systems.

Factory pre-set option for safe use with most common marine battery types.

Suitable for use on halogen systems.

Compatible with Balmar’s 6 Series and 9 Series alternators.

Two units can be used in tandem on dual engine, two alternator systems.

Two units can be used in tandem on single engine, two alternator systems.

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Designed for use on both 12v and 24v systems, Balmar’s DDC 12/24 Digital Duo Charge is designed to be mounted between your vessel’s starter and leisure batteries, as opposed to the usual location for charge splitting devices and isolators (between the alternator and battery bank).

This means that the alternator and the regulator respectively can tailor their power output to match the demands of the vessel’s leisure batteries intuitively. When the DDC 12/24 Digital Duo Charge senses a charge voltage in the leisure battery bank, it essentially functions as a DC-to-DC direct charger, providing up to 30A of regulated charge current that charges or maintains the state of charge in the starter battery.

For most common installations, just four wires are required for operation:

A fused input wire.

A fused output wire.



For vessels with battery banks that need greater than 30A of regulated charge current, the DDC 12/24 Digital Duo Charge can also be used to manually manage an external solenoid**.

Featuring four different program settings for use with the most common marine battery types (standard flooded, deep cycle flooded, AGM and gel), the unit is specifically intended to allow a high level of user control over the charging voltage output, which means that mixing the starter and leisure battery outputs is also possible.

The DDC 12/24 Digital Charge Duo can also be used with a battery temperature sensor (available separately; Balmar’s MC-TS-B recommended) to allow the unit to respond to overheating of the battery bank by automatically terminating the charging output.

**If currents of more than 30A are required, the Digital Duo Charge can be used to activate a manual solenoid switch such as the Blue Sea Systems 7701 or 7703.

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