Rolls Series 5 S12-128 AGM

Rolls Series 5 S12-128 AGM

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  • Maintenance Free
  • Upto 1200 Cycles at 50% Discharge
  • Designed to offer in excess of 5 Years ‘in service’ life
  • Product Warranty – 5 Year
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The Rolls Series 5 S12-128 AGM is a Deep Cycle VRLA battery with high reserve capacity, long cycle life and low internal resistance, while achieving superior cranking performance. The Rolls Series 5 S12-128 AGM uses more lead, heavier plates and other proprietary materials that enable to deliver more power and capacity over many life cycles.

Rolls engineers designed the Series 5 as a heavy duty sealed deep cycle AGM battery to withstand both the marine leisure and commercial environments. Commercial & leisure vessels around the world have fitted the premium AGM range for its outstanding technical performance coupled with rugged case design characteristics giving them a superior shock and vibration resistance.

The Series 5 range offers industry leading cycle performance with increased cranking current, making them a versatile dual purpose maintenance free option for any vessel owner. Improved AGM technology results in a fast recharge whilst offering a low self-discharge point meaning batteries can be left unattended for prolonged periods of inactivity and retain performance.

Country of Manufacture: Canada



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