Solara Power M-Series

Solara Power M-Series

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  • Powerful low-light performance – High yields even under cloudy and partially shaded conditions
  • Extremely high yields and in excess of 23% efficiency through the use of high performance crystalline cells
  • Manufactured exclusively in Germany
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The Solara Power M-series solar panels are designed for use on boats, life rafts, caravans, and many other mobile applications.

The Solara Power M-series utilise high-performance Crystalline cells that reliably transform as much sunlight as possible, with efficiencies exceeding 23%

A sophisticated, shock and foot traffic resistant top surface and sea waterproof embedding of the solar cells, protect the modules against shock and water damage even in the roughest weather.

The Power M Series is the best choice when you need to achieve maximum electricity yields even in unfavourable conditions.

Country of Manufacture: Germany