Victron LiFePO4 – ‘Smart’
12.8 & 25.6V

Victron LiFePO4 – ‘Smart’
12.8 & 25.6V

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  • Integrated cell balancing
  • Can be parallel and series connected
  • Bluetooth app available to monitor cell voltage and temperature
  • Bluetooth monitoring of cell voltages, temperature and alarm status.
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A lead-acid battery will fail prematurely due to sulfation if it operates in deficit mode during long periods of time (i.e. if the battery is rarely, or never at all, fully charged). Or if it is left partially charged or worse, fully discharged (yacht or mobile home during wintertime).

A LiFePO4 battery does not need to be fully charged. Service life even slightly improves in case of partial charge instead of a full charge. This is a major advantage of LiFePO4 compared to lead-acid.

Other advantages are the wide operating temperature range, excellent cycling performance, low internal resistance and high efficiency. LiFePO4 is therefore the chemistry of choice for very demanding applications.

Country of Manufacture: The Netherlands



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