Victron Phoenix Chargers

Victron Phoenix Chargers

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  • Available in both 12V and 24V models
  • Universal input: 90-265V AC, 90-400V DC, 45/65Hz
  • Two fully rated outputs plus one 4-amp output.
  • Adaptive four-stage charging.
  • Computer interface data port.
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Victron’s Phoenix Battery Chargers are 4-stage adaptive unit that optimises battery charging whilst protecting your batteries from charging damage and extending their useful life.

Available in both 12V and 24V models, the Victron Phoenix is fully automated and designed for marine use all over the world. One of the most versatile marine battery chargers on the market, the Victron Phoenix is much in demand among boat owners and boat builders who are looking for an intuitive and impeccably reliable charging device that helps to make battery maintenance simple and safe.

The Victron Phoenix is built from an aluminium epoxy powder-coated casing and stainless-steel fittings that are designed and constructed to function effectively in all manner of conditions and environments, including salt air, heat, cold, and high humidity. A fitted UK plug is supplied as standard with all of our Victron Phoenix units.

Inbuilt temperature sensors ensure that output current is automatically reduced in extremes of heat, forcing cooling in order to protect the unit’s components. Reverse polarity protection and ignition protection also help to ensure the Phoenix’s safe operation and ease of maintenance.

The Victron Phoenix Battery Charger can be used to charge banks of up to three batteries by means of its adaptive four-stage charging process. The battery charging process begins with bulk charge mode, before switching to a 2.5-4-hour absorption stage, followed by float charging and finally, storage mode if no draw is placed on the battery bank during the float stage. The cycle is automated in order to optimise charging and battery maintenance, with the absorption charge level repeated weekly to equalise the batteries before returning to storage mode.

Pre-set options make setup and operation simple for different types of batteries, and the Victron Phoenix features an inbuilt voltage sensor to ensure the correct charging voltage, automatically optimising the charging process to meet the needs of the type of batteries in use and their usage type.

Finally, the Victron Phoenix also integrates an RS-485 data port, which can be converted to a USB connection if required to enable you to monitor the unit via your computer.

  • Inbuilt temperature and battery voltage sensors.
  • Adaptive pre-set options designed to meet the needs of various different battery types.
  • Quick-charge damage protection built in – helps to preserve battery life during storage by minimising battery gassing and plate corrosion.

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