Rogues gallery

Rogues gallery

I was browsing through the BMEEAs’ ‘Rogues Gallery’ this morning. It’s always refreshing to see what you consider ‘poor workmanship’ upstaged by something worse.

Joking aside though, when you’re dealing with high output alternators, or anything else starting “high output”, you really do need to know what you’re doing.

Thankfully, British Marine, and in particular the BMEEA, have been key in driving up standards in the marine electrical and electronics sectors. Just as a note for those not in the know, ‘electrical’ and ‘electronics’ are Two separate, but overlapping trade and skill sets.

We have a growing number of businesses on our store locator page, who, besides being members of British Marine and the BMEEA, have also had specific training in the installation and correct configuration of our Balmar products.

Now don’t let me put you off, I’m all for people learning through experience, but when you come across something you’re not 100% sure off, stop, think, research, then if still only 99% sure, either cross your fingers or get a professional in (at least they’ll be insured if they cock-up).

One final thought, well more of a question really. Which costs more, Two or Three hundred pounds for a professional installation, or a night at anchor with the family, and flat or knackered batteries?

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